Honest Origins was created to address the changing needs of your organization and help to increase the ability to incorporate some of nature's best foods into your evolving product lines. Let us help you develop new products featuring clean, attractive labeling and outstanding sustainability while keeping solid,
natural nutrition in mind.







The best choice for clean ingredients from seed to shelf, Honest Origins utilizes a set of a resources that no other supplier of pulse ingredients and protein concentrates can match.

Our sole purpose is to help you deliver superior products to the customer.


We strive to produce superior products that can be tailored to your processing requirements, while preserving the clean label ideals that the consumer market demands.


North American sourced and North American processed concentrates ensure exceptional sustainability.


We want to help your organization meet the increasingly strict supply chain sustainability metrics that are being implemented.


Our market reach permits us to utilize all parts of the raw materials in multiple channels further improving the often overlooked impact of the secondary products.